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InterDistrict Transfer

1.   Parent/guardian requests an interdistrict transfer by submitting completed and signed Interdistrict Transfer Form to WUHS Main Office. 
a.  Interdistrict agreement request forms can be downloaded from the WUHS website or copies are available in the WUHS Main Office.  Click on the hyperlinks to access the board policy and administrative regulations regarding Interdistrict Attendance: 

b.  The original request form is forwarded to the Principal’s office.
c.  A copy of the request form is forwarded to the Superintendent.  

2.  A parent meeting is scheduled with the Principal to discuss the interdistrict transfer request.  

3.  If the request is approved, the Principal will mark the approval box on the bottom of the form and forward to the Registrar.  

4.  In the event that an interdistrict transfer request is denied, the parents may appeal the decision to the district Superintendent within 30 days of the date of the denial letter.  

5.  If an appeal is received within 30 days of the initial denial notification, the district Superintendent will review the appeal and make a final determination.  Failure of a parent/guardian to meet any timelines established by the district shall be deemed an abandonment of the request.  

6.  The Superintendent will issue a final decision in writing to the parent/guardian within 30 calendar days of receiving the appeal.  

7.  The district Superintendent or designee shall, in writing, notify the parents/guardians of their right to appeal to the County Board of Education within 30 calendar days from the date of the final denial.  

8.  If the transfer request is for a school year that begins within fifteen (15) calendar days of the receipt of the request, the Principal/Assistant Principal shall notify the parent/guardian of the decision within 30 calendar days of receiving the request.  If the transfer request is for a school year that begins more than fifteen (15) calendar days after the receipt of the request, the parent/guardian shall be notified of the decision as soon as possible, but no later than fourteen (14) calendar days after the commencement of instruction during that school year.  

9.  All notices to parents/guardians regarding the district’s decision on any request for interdistrict transfer shall conform to the translation requirements of Education Code 48985, and may be provided by regular mail, electronic format if the parent/guardian provides an email address, or by any other method normally used to communicate with parents/guardians in writing. 

10.  Interdistrict transfer agreements must be reapplied for annually.  


The Board expects parents who live within our attendance boundaries to enroll their students in our schools, so we can continue to plan and meet our commitments. However, WUHSD has established a process to evaluate requests for students who reside in one district while intending to attend school in another district. This process is called an interdistrict transfer request. The request must be approved by the district in which the student lives and the desired district of attendance to allow the student to enroll. 

If this is your first request to attend a high school outside the district, you must first complete the interdistrict transfer form available here and schedule an appointment with the Principal to discuss the reasons for the transfer request.

The district will begin accepting interdistrict transfer requests no earlier than December of each school year.  The reasons that the district may approve or deny a request are outlined in WUHSD AR 5117-Interdistrict Attendance.

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To withdraw a student from Wheatland High School please follow these steps.

  1. Please inform the school as soon as you know the last date the student(s) will be attending. We ask for minimum 2-day notification.  It is the responsibility of the Parent(s)/Guardian(s) to inform the Registrar if you are planning to withdraw your student(s) from Wheatland High School.  The Registrar will also need to know the name of the new school of attendance so that records and official transcripts can be forwarded upon request.

  2. The student will need to see the Registrar prior to their last day of school to obtain withdrawal form, attend ALL classes and check out with each of their teachers before the last school day ends.  ALL school books and Chromebooks need to be returned, including power cords.  ALL account balances need to be paid in full, and all other school items are to be returned prior to being checked out.

  3. At the end of the last day, the student will see the Registrar and submit their signed and completed withdrawal form.  


What is required for the withdrawal process:

  • Withdrawal Form from School Registrar

  • Signatures from ALL Teachers

  • Signature of School Librarian

  • Locker emptied

  • ALL other School items turned in

Copies of the withdrawal form and unofficial transcript will be given to the student when the completed withdrawal form is turned in at the end of the student's last day.

Please be sure that the student understands and follows this process to make their last day of school easier for them. 

If you have any questions, please contact Justyna Long, Registrar.

 530-633-3100 x245