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Course selections for the 2023-2024 School Year are now closed.
Please make an appointment with your Counselor to discuss course selections.

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Career AND College Readiness - CTE Pathways

In the 21st Century, our students need to have Academic Skills AND Employable/Technical Skills! Most students need to work while they are in College and will be competing with all of the other high school graduates for available jobs. It is of vital importance that students have technical skills that make them stand out in the application and interview processes. Career Technical Education (CTE) used to be seen as the place for "those non-academic students". But in today's world CTE is made up of high-technology and high-wage work opportunities for students who complete a CTE Pathway with Industry-recognized skills, experiences, and certifications. WUHS is dedicated to developing our CTE Pathways that meet Industry standards AND academic rigor to qualify students for college credit. To view our CTE Pathways and courses within each department, click the links provided to the right side of the page.