District Wide Broadcast Message

Our goal is to provide a meaningful and valuable educational experience for your son or daughter. Making the curriculum challenging and rigorous, coupled with high expectations for our students, is the objective on providing the best educational experience possible for Wheatland Union High School students.

We offer a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses. We also offer a variety of elective classes with certification programs in welding, culinary arts and floral design. The district is currently in the process of developing career paths for agriculture and STEM. Our technology coordinator is continuously updating our technological capabilities for students and staff, as well as providing ongoing support services.

The staff at Wheatland Union High School solicits the support of parents and community members to contribute to the greatest gifts we are able to give our students: a solid academic foundation, life skills for productive citizenship, and an appreciation for lifelong learning. Wheatland Union High School's tradition of excellence depends upon parents, students, and staff working together in a unified, focused effort.

Vic Ramos