Community Service

Seniors: Are you interested in raising money for your class? The Annual Senior Auction is BACK!! Please contact Keith Hoek or Mrs. Agles if you would like to sign up. (Mrs. Agles)

Seniors: Have you ordered your cap & gown? Order NOW @

Seniors: Planning for your future? Acceptance letters are in and WUHS wants to know where you will be attending college. The May issue of the Pirate Chronicle we will be publicizing the success of our student body. Submit your information to Mrs. Agles in the guidance office. (Leadership)

Seniors: Please tweet a picture of your self to @wearewheatland or email your picture to for the senior walk out rally. All pictures are due by Wednesday, April 30, 2014. (Leadership)

ATTN SENIORS! Spend a night with all of your friends dancing, watching movies, sumo wrestling, wall climbing and playing games (board, video, poker, and more!) Make photo booth memories! Sober Grad Night tickets on sale now. Ticket prices are as follows.  Pay Mrs. Crain @ Bear River School.   Buy Now!!  (2014 Grad Night Committee)

bulletApril - $55
bulletMay 1 – 16, 2014

Prom: This year’s prom will be held @ the Beale Community Center (see #20 on this map) this Saturday, April 26, 2014 – TODAY is the last day to purchase tickets (the cost is $35) – pay Mrs. Embree in the main office.  Remember: you MUST be in good standing with WUHS or you will not be able to purchase a ticket – that means ALL debts need to be paid, ALL overdue books returned and ALL district uniforms/equipment returned. (Mrs. Embree)

Prom: Prom Tickets MUST be purchased by 3:00pm TODAY with Mrs. Embree. The cost is $35.

Prom: Voting for Prom King & Queen Finalists is TODAY @ lunch in the quad. (Ms. Freeman)

Prom: Prom picture packets are available now in the main office.  Have your pictures taken before or during prom.  From 5:00 – 8:00pm in the north gym or during prom from 9:00pm – 12:00am.

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Important Info

Are you a male turning 18 soon?  Don't forget to...


If you’re college bound, make sure you submit your FAFSA (to be eligible for a Cal Grant). Even if you’re going to a college out of state submit the FAFSA as soon as possible.

If you're college bound, register to take the ACT, PSAT, SAT or SAT II test as soon as possible.

Apply for any and all scholarships you can!!  Check the Daily Bulletin and the Career Cove for more information.

Learn more about the California High School Exit Exam.

Need help planning for college?  Check out our College Planning pages!

Free... that's right... FREE SAT prep is available from the U.C. College Prep Initiative.  Select the link "Other Students" under the "Free SAT Prep" icon.  All students are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable service.

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Senior Year Timeline

The senior year is a VERY busy time and can be VERY expensive. The figures below represent the approximate costs for the 2013-14 school year and are subject to change. Most of these expenses are customary but not required.

Please note: the due dates and exact amounts vary.  However, this list should give you a general idea of the kinds of senior expenses.  Figures do not include club costs, participation on athletic teams (shoes, pictures, etc), specialty activities such as band and cheerleading, shop projects, etc.

    - Senior pictures: $50-$600+
    - Senior Grad Ads: $100+

- Physical education uniforms (if taken): $20
    - NCAA Clearinghouse: $70
    - Senior T-shirts/sweatshirts: $21-$27
    - Begin to survey scholarship opportunities

    - Attend college workshops
    - Take the SAT and/or ACT: $36.50-$52.50
    - Register for the SAT II test for U.C. and some private schools
    - Student body cards (mandatory for athletes): $25

    - Applications for U.C. and State Universities available online
    - Request applications from other colleges and universities
    - Yearbook: $70  Order Online
    - Lettermen Jacket: $200+
    - Attend the NorCal College Night @ Whitney High School

    - Application filing period for UC/CSU ($55 fee each); private schools vary in cost
    - Attend college rep meetings
    - If you have not ordered your yearbook, do it now!  $70  Order Online
    - Purchase Grad Night tickets ($35 until end of March).

    - Senior trip deposit: $75 nonrefundable (2013 cost was $489)
    - Last month to take the ACT, SAT, or SAT II for U.C.
    - Obtain your unique pin number for FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid) online
    - Consult with the college regarding special admissions procedures
    - Attend financial aid workshop, "How to complete the FAFSA," etc
    - If you have not ordered your yearbook, do it now!!  $70  Order Online
    - Graduation announcements: $20 - $300
    - Cap & gown: $30
    - Parents' Grad Ad: $100+
    - School ring: $100-400
    - Purchase Grad Night tickets ($35 until end of March).

    - FAFSA can be filed after January 1 (deadline is March 2, 2014)
    - Last day to order your yearbook online is mid-January!  $70  Order Online
    - Request seventh semester transcripts if required by college
    - Senior trip payment (amt varies with cost of trip)
    - Parents' Grad Ad: $100+
    - Purchase Grad Night tickets ($35 until end of March).

    - File the FAFSA and Cal Grant
    - Usual period to apply for housing at college
    - Courtwarming dance: $ varies
    - Senior trip payment (amt varies with cost of trip)
    - Purchase Grad Night tickets ($35 until end of March).

    - Community College applications available online
    - Senior trip payment (amt varies with cost of trip)
    - Purchase Grad Night tickets ($35 until end of March).

    - Final Senior trip payment (amt varies with cost of trip)
    - Prom expenses: $100-300+
    - Purchase Grad Night tickets ($40 until end of April).

   - Senior trip and picnic
   - Purchase Grad Night Tickets ($50 until the last day of school).

   - Purchase Grad Night Tickets ($50 until the last day of school).
    - Request your final transcript from the Registrar
    - Graduation
    - Grad Night

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Bookmark this page and check back regularly.  As pertinent information for graduation or other senior-related events becomes available, it will be posted here.


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