CTE 3D Animation/Game Design

This Pathway is planned to be adjusted to a NEW Pathway of "Game Design and Integration". Some course descriptions may change. All students who complete 3D Animation/Game Design I in the 2022-2023 school year will be qualified for the Game Design II course in the 2023-2024 school year and will be eligible for Game Design and Integration Pathway Certifications


Introduction Course

Pirate Focus
Grade Level: 9
UC/CSU: Elective (“G”) requirement
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: GFSF
Pre-requisites: None.
Dual Enrollment/Articulation: Articulation with Yuba College (COUNS 25)
Grading Scale: 4.0
Description: A comprehensive career and life planning course. Students complete the course with a 10 Year Plan for success, a Skills-Based Education Plan, the beginning of a Professional Portfolio, and a sense of relevance for their high school courses. In the context of a study of the changes that occur during a typical life span, each student will construct a personal profile of current and projected interests, aptitudes, skills, values, personality, and life and personal circumstances.

Concentrator Course

3D Animation/Game Design I
Grade Level: 9 - 12
UC/CSU: VAPA (“F”) requirement
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: CTE or Fine Arts
Pre-requisites: None
Grading Scale: 4.0
Description: This course will be creating, writing, communicating, and studying modern and historical art and animation, both 2D and 3D, with a focus on the elements of art and principles of design. Computers will be the tool for visual problem solving, creative expression, research, and communication. Art criticism and aesthetic valuing are ongoing through a verbal and written critique of student and professional work. Students will learn about various art careers and opportunities by working with community members to learn and create real products, develop portfolios, work in professional scenarios, and gain valuable experiences and insight into the Digital Art and Animation industry.

Capstone Course

3D Animation/Game Design II
Grade Level: 10 - 12
UC/CSU: VAPA (“F”) requirement
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: CTE or Fine Arts
Pre-requisites: Successful completion of 3D Digital Art with a grade of “C” or better.
Grading Scale: 4.0
Description: 3D Computer Animation II is a studio class that provides students an opportunity to gain valuable Multimedia experience that will allow them to develop and communicate innovative and original ideas through the study and application of 2D and 3D Computer Animation and Digital Graphic skills. Using cutting-edge industry-standard software, including the Autodesk and Adobe computer suites, Students will develop, create, and produce, animated shorts, video games, scientific visualizations, architectural renderings, historical reconstructions, and Virtual Reality assets creations and productions. Storyboards will emphasize character development, design, architectural and landscape backgrounds, props, digital painting, special effects, and scene development and design, using industry-standard digital production techniques and traditional principles of animation. Students will develop, create, and produce, an industry-standard portfolio that may be used to peruse career and internship opportunities.

Miscellaneous Courses

Stand-alone courses outside of a Pathway, but qualify students for Fine Arts credit.

Digital Design
Grade Level: 10- 12
UC/CSU: VAPA (“F”) requirement
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: Fine Arts
Pre-requisites: Pirate Focus; Strong Typing/Technology Skills
Grading Scale: 4.0
Description: Digital Design is a course designed for students who are interested in exploring the real-world applications of the arts and marketing techniques. The course focuses on design and how it pertains to a variety of creative techniques including digital photography, computer illustration, desktop publishing, and the video editing using the Adobe Creative Suite Applications. Students develop skills in technology-based programs, marketing techniques, problem solving, communication and time management that contribute to lifelong learning and career skills. Meets FCCLA course requirement.

Digital Photography
Grade Level: 9 - 12
UC/CSU: VAPA (“F”) requirement
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: CTE or Fine Arts
Pre-requisites: None
Grading Scale: 4.0
Description: Digital Photography is a yearlong course that focuses on understanding the basic operations and functions of a digital single-lens reflex camera and the manipulation of its setting to achieve a specific result. Students will learn about photographic elements of art and principles of design, composition, and lighting. they will explore the history of photography, learning about its scientific and technological developments, important innovators in the field, and relevance within diverse cultural contexts. Students will write and speak about aesthetic, technical and expressive qualities in a photograph, learning to critique their own and others work. Student learn image techniques and digital manipulation using photography editing software, teaching them how to archive, organize and optimize their photographs for print or web purposes. Students will learn how to manage and creatively alter digital images as well as critically analyze the use of visual media as a means of communication in our society today.

Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO)

FCCLA - Family, Careers, and Community Leaders of America

Students enrolled in the Game Design & Integration Pathway, the Education Pathway, and the Food Service & Hospitality Pathway are eligible to participate in FCCLA as members or officers. FBLA is a Career Technical Student Organization that is recognized by industries across the nation as a way for students to gain employable skills and develop into great leaders. More information can be acquired from our Education Pathway teacher, our Food Service & Hospitality teacher, or from CTE/C Center, or by emailing careers@wheatlandhigh.org.

Yuba College Degree Information

Yuba College does not have a comparable program at this time. The next closest Community College with a strong graphic art program is Sierra Community College.

Sierra College Degree Information

Sierra Community College has a very strong Applied Art & Design Program.
Click Here to see more about the Degrees and Certifications offered.

Industry Information

Video Game Designers
3D Animator
Computer Systems Designer
Audio/Video Technicians

Wage Range
$51,800 - $180,520

Projected Job Openings
2,460 Annual Openings

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