CTE Food Service & Hospitality

Come play with fire and knives!


Introduction Course

Pirate Focus
Grade Level: 9
UC/CSU: Elective (“G”) requirement
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: GFSF
Pre-requisites: None.
Dual Enrollment/Articulation: Articulation with Yuba College (COUNS 25)
Grading Scale: 4.0
Description: A comprehensive career and life planning course. Students complete the course with a 10 Year Plan for success, a Skills-Based Education Plan, the beginning of a Professional Portfolio, and a sense of relevance for their high school courses. In the context of a study of the changes that occur during a typical life span, each student will construct a personal profile of current and projected interests, aptitudes, skills, values, personality, and life and personal circumstances.

Concentrator Course

Culinary 1
Grade Level: 9 - 12
UC/CSU: Elective (“G”) requirement
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: Elective
Pre-requisites: None
Dual Enrollment/Articulation: Articulation with Yuba College CUL 51A
Grading Scale: 4.0
Description: This course covers the history of the culinary profession, explores numerous avenues of opportunity, and studies the advantages of continuing education in the field. It also covers the backgrounds and approaches of successful chefs and restaurateurs. Field trips are required and provide exposure to different types of kitchens, industry food shows, and/or markets. The course also covers all phases of food sanitation, including the cause, control, and investigation of illness related to food contamination. Sanitary practices in food preparation; proper dishwashing procedures sanitation of kitchen, dining room, and all equipment; cleaning materials and procedures and garbage and refuse disposal. This course includes general safety precautions, maintenance, and operation of appropriate food service equipment, along with elements of kitchen planning and types of equipment used. Successful completion of this course results in ServSafe certification.

Capstone Course

Culinary 2
Grade Level: 10 - 12
UC/CSU: Fine Art (“F”) requirement
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: CTE or Fine Art
Pre-requisites: 1 year of successful completion of Culinary 1 with a “C” or better
Dual Enrollment/Articulation: Articulation with Yuba College CUL 51B
Grading Scale: 4.0
Description: Introductory course that will prepare students to enter the Foodservice and Hospitality pathway. The course is designed to give students classroom instruction and applied practice in kitchen safety and sanitation, food preparation techniques, nutrition, and cuisine of the world. Students will develop skills through the use of authentic application of industry standards. The course will prepare students for entry-level positions common to the catering industry. The course builds on the successful completion of the foundation culinary arts courses and is designed to give students classroom instruction and applied practice in planning, preparing, and serving catered events, effectively managing a beverage service facility, and developing a passion for culinary.

Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO)

FCCLA - Family, Careers, and Community Leaders of America

Students enrolled in the Education Pathway, Game Design & Integration Pathway, and in the Food Service & Hospitality Pathway are eligible to participate in FCCLA as members or officers. FBLA is a Career Technical Student Organization that is recognized by industries across the nation as a way for students to gain employable skills and develop into great leaders. More information can be acquired from our Education Pathway teacher, our Food Service & Hospitality teacher, or from CTE/C Center, or by emailing careers@wheatlandhigh.org.

Yuba College Degree Information

These courses are articulated for credit with Yuba Community College's Culinary program. For more information about the Culinary program at Yuba College, CLICK HERE.

Industry Information

Chef (Master, Commercial, Private)
Wait-Staff, Host/Hostess
Restaurant Manager
Food Service Manager
Food Critic/Writer

Wage Range
$27,000 - $105,000

Projected Job Openings
306,080 Annual Openings
3,452 Recent Graduates

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