CTE AG Construction

Our AG Mechanics: Construction Pathway is designed for students who would like to enter the Construction, Construction Management, Architecture and Civil/Electrical Engineering industries and more. With hands-on experience and opportunities to participate in Design & Build Competitions, this pathway can set students on the path to be earning in the $49,000-$110,000/year wage range.


Introduction Course

Pirate Focus
Grade Level: 9
UC/CSU: Elective (“G”) requirement
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: GFSF
Pre-requisites: None.
Dual Enrollment/Articulation: Articulation with Yuba College (COUNS 25)
Grading Scale: 4.0
Description: A comprehensive career and life planning course. Students complete the course with a 10 Year Plan for success, a Skills-Based Education Plan, the beginning of a Professional Portfolio, and a sense of relevance for their high school courses. In the context of a study of the changes that occur during a typical life span, each student will construct a personal profile of current and projected interests, aptitudes, skills, values, personality, and life and personal circumstances.

Concentrator Courses

AG Construction Arts Level I
Grade Level: 9 - 12
UC/CSU: Elective (“G”) requirement
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: CTE
Pathway: AG Mechanics Construction Concentrator
Pre-requisites: None
Grading Scale: 4.0
Description: Construction Basic is a “hands-on” introduction to the woodworking trades and agricultural mechanics. You will learn by building projects. You will go from the most basic of woodworking processes to the advanced. The projects you will make are designed to take a beginner from simple trace and cut projects to projects where you draw the plans, glue the boards, make correct cuts and then you assemble. You will use every tool in the shop, from the hand tools to the machines. You will learn about different finishes, wood joints, fasteners, and power tools. This class includes an introduction to concrete, electrical, plumbing, and metalwork.

Capstone Course

AG Construction - Level II Design & Build
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: CTE
Pre-requisites: None
Grading Scale: 4.0
Description: This is the second course in construction. This course may be repeated more than once for credit. This course has been developed to integrate skills and concepts from the building and construction trades. Skills will be enhanced in the areas of construction, architecture, and engineering. Hands-on projects will include structures, individual projects, concrete, lumber classification, electrical, roofing, framing, and plumbing. Focusing on advanced skills, students will be involved in the building process from the floor up. Students will learn a wide variety of construction skills, including framing walls, installing siding, window and door installation, cutting and installing rafters, and roof installation. Participation in the Sacramento Builder’s Exchange Design/Build Program is an integral part of the program. The opportunity for participation in the Sacramento Builders Exchange Design/ Build program will be given. This course includes hands-on construction of student projects, which may be entered in the Yuba-Sutter Fair for exhibit or sale. This course will fulfill a-g requirements for University of California and CSU college credit for “g” elective. This class is articulated for students to earn college credit from Butte College and Consumnes River College.

Miscellaneous Classes

DE Agricultural Leadership and Communications
Grade Level: 9 - 12
UC/CSU: Elective (“G”) requirement
Credits: 10.0
Graduation Requirement: CTE
Pre-requisites: None
Grading Scale: 4.0
Dual Enrollment/Articulation: DE with YCC AG-7
Description: This course is designed to promote and develop leadership in the Agriculture Industry. Through the planning and execution of numerous events for the school’s FFA chapter, students will discover how to best affect change in their communities. Students will read extensively about the nature of leadership and its different styles. Additionally, students write frequently – critically, reflectively, persuasively – and speak about the real-world issues in Agriculture. Topics will include current issues in Ag legislation, development of personal leadership skills, FFA operations, FFA Judging Teams, and exploration of past and present needs in the Ag Industry and its leaders. A supervised Agricultural Experience project is required and will be developed with the aid of the instructor. Students will help plan, organize and put on events in FFA. Students are required to complete 20 hours per semester. FFA participation and SAE, Supervised Agricultural Experience, projects will be part of the grade for this course.

Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

FFA - The National FFA Organization

Students enrolled in any Agriculture Pathway are eligible to participate in FFA as members or officers. FFA is a Career Technical Student Organization that is recognized by industries across the nation as a way for students to gain employable skills and develop into great leaders. More information can be acquired from our Agriculture Teachers or from CTE/C Center, or by emailing careers@wheatlandhigh.org.

Yuba College Degree Information

At this time, Yuba Community College does not offer a program in Construction & Building. The next Community College near our area with these programs is Sierra Community College.

Sierra College Degree Information

Sierra Community College offers a Construction Management Associates Degree and a Number of different Construction Certification Programs. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Industry Information

Construction Laborer
Residential & Commercial Construction Management
Cabinetry, Millwork & Woodworking
Engineering & Heavy Equipment
Project Manager
Civil/Electrical Engineer

Wage Range
$49,000 - $110,000
Depending on Experience and Level of Education

Projected Job Openings
183,530 Annual Openings
16,543 Recent Graduates

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