Cafeteria Menu


    Prices: Full $1.75, Reduced 40¢

bulletToday's Special (one of the following):
bulletBreakfast Burrito
bulletPancake on a stick
bulletSausage Bagel
bulletSuper Donut
bulletWhole Grain Cereal
bulletFresh Fruit with Yogurt


    Prices: Full $2.75, Reduced 40¢

bulletSalad Bar with selection of Fresh Vegetables, Roasted Meats, and Fresh Fruit
bulletBean and Cheese Burrito
bulletTostada with Black Beans and Chicken
bulletSandwich Bar: fresh sliced deli meats and assorted vegetables on whole wheat hoagie
bulletChicken Stir Fry served with Brown Rice
bulletTaco Salad on Whole Wheat Tortilla
bulletHand Tossed Pizza with Meat and Cheese (Thursdays and Fridays Only)

The cafeteria also offers the following vegetarian foods:

1. Deli Sandwich (no meat)
2. Egg Salad Sandwich (one day advance order please)
3. Polenta with Cheese (one day advance order please)
4. Caesar Salad (no meat)
5. Chef Salad (no meat)
6. Nachos with Cheese, no Beans or Meat
7. Pasta
8. Cheese Taco
9. Muffins

All breakfast and lunch meals come with low fat chocolate milk or reduced fat white milk.  All lunch meals also come with the fruit of the day.  All meals subject to change.

If you have a special food need that WUHS needs to be aware of, please submit a Entrée and Special Food Order Form.  Instructions and details are on the form.  Call 530-633-3100 x164 or email if you have any questions.

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