Historical Marker #493

Historical Marker #493 - Johnson's Ranch

#493 Johnson's Ranch - Tomita Park, Front St, between 4th & Main Sts, Wheatland.
The first settlement reached in California by emigrant trains using the emigrant (Donner) trail, it was an original part of the 1844 Don Pablo Gutierrez land grant. It was sold at auction to William Johnson in 1845. In 1849, part of the ranch was set aside as a government reserve -- Camp Far West. In 1866 the town of Wheatland was also laid out on a portion of the grant.


Historical Marker #799-3

Historical Marker #799-3 - Overland Emigrant Trail

Overland Emigrant Trail - Spencerville Rd, 3.9 mi E of Hwy 65
Approximately 1 1/4 miles east of this site is the historic Johnson's Crossing. This was the first settlement reached west of the Sierra and the last stop on the Overland Emigrant Trail. Used as a camping spot for the pioneers, departure spot for the miners, and a sojourning place for trappers, herdsmen, and adventurers. The rescue party for the Donner Party was organized and departed from this crossing February 5, 1847.


Historical Marker #1003

Historical Marker #1003 - Durst Hop Ranch Riot of 1913

#1003 Durst Hop Ranch - Intersection of S A St and 6th St, Wheatland.
Site of Wheatland Hop Riot (August 3, 1913)

Second major labor dispute in the U.S.A.  Initiated by the I.W.W. labor movement.  Read more about this historical event from and


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