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Grad Night

A group of volunteers meet every month beginning in September to plan a well-chaperoned, safe evening of fun for the WUHS Graduating Class. This event is planned by volunteers as a safe and fun alternative to private parties. Grad Night is a lockdown from 11 PM on the evening of graduation to 5 AM the next morning.

The Grad Night Committee will organize the Grad Night location, prizes, activities, food, etc. For more information, please contact the school office at 633-3100.

Come to the Grad Night meetings and help us make a safe, fun, drug- and alcohol-free Grad Night for our graduating seniors!

It takes a lot of work, time, and effort to create a memorable evening for our graduates. With your ideas, donations, and help, the possibilities are endless!

**** This event will not take place without a committed committee of volunteers. ****

Every parent who helps makes it more successful for all our kids. Don't wait until your student is a senior to volunteer -- help now, so you can devote more time to your family when your son or daughter graduates! Thanks!