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Wheatland Union High School and Yuba College Partner for CTE Recruiting and Marketing Training
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Wheatland Union High School will be partnering with Yuba College for a professional development opportunity called Catapult sponsored by Kevin Fleming, Ph.D., that starts in February. Dr. Fleming is a nationally recognized expert in the world of CTE on the High School and Community College levels. 
“While we believe that Wheatland Union High School District has been succeeding in the area of offering and promoting high-quality CTE programs and has been slowly and successfully overcoming the misconception of what CTE is for several years, I am excited for the opportunity to learn more about how we can continue this path and possibly accelerate our (and student) success. Rather than the traditional view of "College OR Career Readiness,” it is vital that our students and community see the value in "College AND Career Readiness,” said Nicole Newman, Wheatland Union High School District Superintendent. 
The Catapult training will provide us with skills and techniques for marketing our CTE programs to show our community that technical skills are as valuable as Academic Skills for student success and help us evaluate our programs so that we are always offering the highest-quality programming to our students. 
 “CTE education is, amongst other things, about great careers for students and an employable workforce for our community. We have partnered to create clear pathways to help students fill those needs for our employers starting their freshman year at Wheatland Union High School. This training will help us to amplify and continue to expand this work,” said Dr. Tawny Dotson, President of Yuba College. 
The training is limited to 15 institutions. We have partnered with YC to form one institution. An institution can have up to 8 people in its cohort. YC and WUHS will each designate four people to attend the training. Training is monthly via Zoom for five months and is led by different industry experts. After each training, the industry expert will arrange a private meeting with each institution to work on their individual marketing and programming plan. 
Here is the "Why" behind the Catapult Training from Kevin Fleming, PhD and founder of Catapult, LTD: 
America is entangled in a deep love affair with a bachelor's degree. As a result, Career & Technical Education is often viewed as "less than" or the alternative. I am sure many of you have experienced this as well in both large and small ways: 
    • CTE is mired in misconceptions and is stigmatized. 
    • CTE is seen as a route strictly for "those" students or as a second-tier option for students that are not "university-bound." 
    • Programs like Advanced Placement (AP) and AVID are perceived as more important and more valuable than industry credentials and CTE pathways in preparing students for life after commencement.  
    • "Career Readiness" is too frequently defined and measured by "college readiness." (Psst: They are not the same thing!) 
    • Parents are proud to share that their child is going on to a four-year university, but they are timid and hesitant to share that their child is going on to an apprenticeship program or a trade school. 
    • And the list goes on and on 
The biggest challenge for CTE is to change outdated perceptions and reverse long-held stigmas. Research shows that these misconceptions persist in the minds of adults, parents, and educators more than in students themselves. In particular, parents and high school counselors often think of CTE as what it was when they were young (dirty, dead-end, for the academically challenged) and not what it is now: advanced technologies, clean, lucrative, essential, and cutting-edge. 
Dr. Kevin J. Fleming
Author. CEO. Vice President, Norco College
The Catapult Training will begin in February with one training and one personal coaching and planning meeting with each institution through the month of May. Both of our organizations are looking forward to sharing with our community the great thing that we are doing in the areas of Career Technical Education and overall Student Success.
For more information about this contact Carol Keiser, Director of CTE, Innovation & Instructional Technology at

Pirate Message - Welcome Back_January 3, 2022
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Dear Pirate Community:
As we prepare to return to school tomorrow, I wanted to take a moment to recognize that this has been a highly stressful and emotionally charged holiday break for our school community.
Recognizing this reality, I want you to know that the District’s leadership, including student leaders, has been working really hard to ensure that your return to school is one that has the necessary support to make you feel comfortable on your return to school.
As I stated in a recent video, I firmly believe that everything that is right with our community will come together to help us in our healing process. For that reason, I want you to know that your return to school tomorrow is a critical step in our healing process.
Every single one of you has a role to play in our healing, and in showing the world that our community will not be divided or intimidated by hate. Instead, we will come together and support each other, strengthen each other, and embracing our differences. I understand that this may feel difficult given the circumstances, but I want you to remember that there is no greater learning moment than having to step into a situation in real life, and collectively overcoming the adversity.
To support our school community on our return, we will have increased support staff and public safety in order to ensure that you feel safe, and excited to return to school. As difficult as this time has been, I am so excited to make new memories with you on our quest to make all of your dreams come true.
Thank you for your support, and welcome back! Also, don’t forget tomorrow is Blue and White Day! Let’s stand United!
Educationally yours,
Nicole Newman, Superintendent

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COVID Vaccine Mandate Update - Advocacy
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Good afternoon WUHSD Family,

I wanted to give an update on the District's ongoing advocacy for CHOICE. I am in daily contact with colleagues as well as legislature and advocacy groups. The District is committed to the continued advocacy for parents to decide whether or not their child is vaccinated. The District is committed to choice for staff as well.
Please review the attached letter and resolution. The WUHSD Board of Trustees approved a resolution that advocates for the following:
  • The Governing Board of the Wheatland Union High School District respectfully asks that the State of California legislature uphold the constitutionally guaranteed right to provide informed consent before proceeding with any medical procedure of residents of the State of California for themselves and their children and recommend and not require the COVID-19 vaccine for students and staff of TK-12 grade Local Education Agencies.
  • The governing board of the Wheatland Union High School District will petition the State of California that the COVID-19 vaccine be a recommendation and not a requirement for students and staff.
  • This resolution will be shared in the California Department of Public Health input sessions required to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required vaccines.

Also, all five Yuba County Superintendents and the County Superintendent co-signed a letter to the Governor that will be sent out today.
Please know that we are fighting for our families, staff, and students. Our next step is to join with other superintendents in the state to send letters to the Governor and ask the board to pass Resolutions.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns
Educationally yours,
Nicole Newman

COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate
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I wanted to provide clarification (to the best of my knowledge) regarding the Governors Press Conference this morning. 
Newsom announced today a student vaccination mandate that would require COVID-19 vaccinations for both public and private California students once the vaccine is fully authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for each respective age group. The regulations will take effect at the start of the following term, meaning either January 1st or July 1st, whichever comes first. (Education Code 37200). This will also give both parents and schools sufficient time to prepare and implement.  
More than likely the mandate would take effect July 1, 2022 for children in grades 7-12.  He also directed that adults be held to at least the same standards as students.  The current verify-or-test requirement for staff will be converted to a vaccine mandate no later than when the first phase of the student requirement becomes effective.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Nicole Newman

Social Media Post - August 18, 2021
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Last night, the District was made aware of a student’s social media post that mentioned school tomorrow and depicted a picture of a gun.  We treated this social media post as a threat and immediately contacted the Wheatland Police Department.  The Wheatland Police Department conducted a threat assessment and determined that there is no credible threat against the District.
These types of social media posts will always be treated seriously and the District will take appropriate action in response.  The District understands that we have a duty to keep our students in our care safe at all times. We take this responsibility seriously and will act on any conduct that could compromise it.
Educationally yours,
Nicole Newman, Superintendent

Initial Position on Current Guidance
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The Wheatland Union High School District will strongly encourage all students to comply with CDC/CDPH guidance, including use of masks; however, district staff will not be placed in the compromising position of taking enforcement actions. District staff will direct all of its resources toward ensuring every student gets the best mental health services and education possible as well as engaging students with gaps in learning due to COVID disruption and challenges during the past school year. The Wheatland Union High School District will continue to deploy COVID prevention measures and encourage everyone to continue to take public health precautions and follow CDC and CDPH guidelines. Additionally, the district remains committed to advocating for local control on issues of this nature.
July 23, 2021

Open Letter to the Yuba-Sutter Bi-County Health Officer, Dr. Luu
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On behalf of the Board of Trustees,
Welcome to the Wheatland Union High School District!
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I am honored to serve this district as Superintendent. Wheatland Union High School District has a long tradition of excellence, with Together, Building a Foundation for Life as our mission. We are committed to our vision of setting high standards for both students and staff, using a collaborative system of support ensuring every student can attain academic excellence. We have established firm goals that build the foundation of success for our students:

GOAL 1 - Wheatland Union High School District students will graduate high school college and career ready.
GOAL 2 - Wheatland Union High School District students will feel a sense of connectedness academically, socially,
                 emotionally, and physically in their schools.
GOAL 3 - Wheatland Union High School District will engage families and members of the greater school community
                as educational partners.

We are proud of the successes and recognitions our schools and district have received over the years. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that they bring their best to our children every day. Our core values are embedded in our culture and visible on a daily basis. We also recognize that this success requires continuous improvement.

Wheatland Union High School District is a great community and our students are the cornerstone of our future. We know that our role in each of our student's lives is important. As parents and community members, you play in integral role in our success. I look forward to our journey together as we continually seek to prepare our students to be the successful leaders of tomorrow and to give back to this great community.
Nicole Newman, Superintendent

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