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Bond Projects

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E-Wing Bathroom Down to the Dirt

E-Wing Bathroom Remodel Continues

Rebar laid down in E-Wing Bathroom

E-wing bathroom getting closer!

Plumbing installed!

Walls tiled and ready for fixtures!

A few fixtures in...

New Bathroom Doors


Fixtures and Stalls in E-wing

Men's Restroom in Foyer

Women's Restroom in E Wing

Fountain station plumbing installed

Fixtures installed

Water fountain and bottle filler finished!

Snack bar wall down to the frames

New Snack Bar wall put up

Finished snack bar from the foyer!

Newly installed Men's bathroom door in the foyer

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Quad Renovation & Infrastructure Replacement - Completed October 2014
  • Replaced sewage, electrical and gas pipelines underneath the quad area
  • Demolished cracked, dilapidated concrete
  • Poured new concrete with modern design
  • Added seating areas and power capabilities to quad area
  • Added outdoor light posts 
  • Added sections of grass near office building
Gas Line Replacement - Completed January 2015
  • Replaced old gas line pipes that were previously used
  • Installed new gas pipes from the connection point to sixteen locations throughout the school
Gas Line Extension - Completed March 2016
  • Gas lines running to D-wing were extended to give gas capabilities back to the chemistry lab 
Restroom Renovation Project - Completed August 2016
  • Improve health and access on campus 
  • Renovate six campus restrooms
  • Gymnasium foyer restaurants will exchange locations, and a portion of the snack bar will be reclaimed to meet ADA compliance
  • Snack bar in foyer remodeled 
  • Drinking fountains and bottle filling stations added in the E-Wings and foyer
Track Renovation - Completed Spring 2017
  • Patching and re-spraying of track surface
  • Lines and markings to be repainted
  • Will add 5-6 years to the lifespan of the track
Wireless Project - Completed Spring 2017
  • Provides wireless internet access to all areas of the campus
  • Increases network capacity to allow for future technological upgrades or additions, including a 1-to-1 device plan
  • Puts a wireless access point in every classroom on campus
  • Currently under review at the Division of State Architect (DSA)
Snack Bar Project - Completed Winter 2017
  • Installation of a new snack bar facility
  • Full Men's and Women's bathrooms
  • New football scoreboard
Server Infrastructure Upgrade - Completed December 2017
  • Upgrade server storage and backbone of internal internet infrastructure. 
Track Long Jump and Triple Jump - Estimated Completion March 2018
  • New concrete and rubber surface