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Health Services

Student Injuries & InsuranceTop of Page

Wheatland Union High School District does not provide medical insurance coverage for school accidents, including athletics. This means you are responsible for the medical bills if your student gets hurt during school activities.

Wheatland Union High School does offer a voluntary student insurance plan, in which many coverage options are available. Brochures that explain the different coverage options and include sign-up information are located in the Wheatland Union High School main office. This information is available throughout the entire school year.

The Student Health Care and High Option 24-Hour Accident plans are recommended for those students with no other insurance, because they provide the most help when injuries occur. Student Health Care covers illness as well as injury, 24 hours a day. We strongly recommend the High Option plans for students participating in interscholastic sports. If you have any questions about the brochure, please call the plan administrator, Myers-Stevens & Toohey & Co., Inc., at (800) 827-4695 or (949) 348-0565.

For more information please contact our Health Clerk, Candance DuShane at (530) 633-3100 x111 or