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A Dance Contract must be signed and turned in to your advisory teacher prior to the dance.

Bids for the formal Prom must be purchased in advance. A WUHS student may bring one non-WUHS guest to a formal dance, but must apply with a "Dance Guest Bid Application" for approval prior to purchasing a ticket. 

To enter a WUHS dance, WUHSD students must present a student ID card and guests must present a photo ID. All guests must have a photo ID. Any student bringing a guest is responsible for the guest's behavior. Guests must follow all school rules.

Dance Dress Code Top of Page

Formal Dances - No denim, no tennis/sport shoes, sandals or flip-flops

 Gentlemen   Ladies
 Dress slacks   Formal Dress
 Dress shoes  Formal Skirt and Blouse 
 Collar shirt  Dress sandals/shoes


Semi-Formal Dances - No blue denim

Gentlemen    Ladies
Collar shirt Dresses
Dress slacks Skirt and Blouse
Khaki pants Dress slacks
Black jeans Khaki pants
Light-colored jeans Black jeans
Light-colored jeans