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Sophomore Year Planner

  • Meet with your advisor to review career and education plans. Update your "Career Planning Folder."
  • Use Careers and College Planning search to select schools that match your possible major/program of study and/or occupational interests.
  • Honor-level students may take the PSAT. This is a practice test.
  • Make sure you are on target with your high school courses for post-secondary education admission requirements. See your counselor.
  • Visit college fairs and talk with college representatives. The Career Center hosts visits by college admissions counselors and military recruiters. Listen for announcements.
  • Stay involved in outside activities, including after-school jobs, if possible.
  • Keep your list of activities updated with your advisor.
  • Maintain your grades and good study habits.
  • Talk to your high school counselor about becoming a member of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF). CSF is a statewide organization that promotes academic achievement