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Freshman Year Planner

  • Plan the high school courses you will be taking for all four years with your advisor.
  • Set academic goals, and begin your first year of high school with good study habits, such as:
    • Set aside a regular time to study every night.
    • Find a quiet place to study without interruption.
    • Treat your homework as a part-time job. (If you do a little every night, you won't be overwhelmed with assignments!)
  • Become involved in extracurricular activities (clubs, athletics, student government, etc.)
  • Begin compiling a list of activities in which you participate, awards you receive, offices held, volunteer work and report them to your advisor. Record these in your "Career Planning Folder."
  • Set aside money for college regularly. Ask your parents to find out about scholarships through their employers.
  • Talk to your high school counselor about becoming a member of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF). CSF is a statewide organization that promotes academic achievement.